The deployment of new automation technologies has the potential to transform your business.

As experts in helping organisations in the property management industry work smarter, save money and provide a better service to their customers, we offer a range of professional services designed to ensure sure that clients make the most of the latest PropTech.

We work hard to get under the skin of your organisation, understand your goals and put in place a strategy to deliver them.

ENGAGE consultants have many years’ experience in senior roles in the property sector and are specialists at improving business processes and integrating systems for optimum performance.

Business process automation

The property sector traditionally relies on manual intervention for basic processes such as lettings, maintenance and bookings.

We help organisations to automate these processes with the objective of lowering management costs and improving customer service.

We follow a four step process which we use to help identify the areas for improvement.

Phase 1 – Review: we aim to understand exactly how you are working and why

Phase 2 – Recommendation: we will clearly set out what improvements can be made to your systems and working processes

Phase 3 – Implementation: we provide all the resource and management necessary to implement the changes including programme and project management

Phase 4 – Assessment: we review the impact of the changes against agreed objectives

Integration management

System integration is essential for your organisation to work efficiently.

Many organisations work with multiple applications which don’t talk to each other, which results in duplicate data and inaccurate management information.

ENGAGE are experts in making systems talk and ensuring vision of automation is achieved.

Key advantages of automation technology:

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