Resident Portal

Part of a suite of portals to manage customers at all stages of engagement

The portal can be integrated with back-office systems, third party services and other Engage products. The portal provides opportunities to monetise your customers and draws them back to the portal on a regular basis.

  • News with photo and video uploads
  • Offers from local businesses
  • Forums which can be open or closed
  • Neighbourhood information
  • Information about the home and services available
  • Can be integrated with workflow systems to automate customers tasks
  • Self-service including statements, documents, maintenance and payments
  • Optional access to concierge for parcels, keys and bookings
  • Optional ad-hoc and planned customer survey functionality


  • Achieves the digital agenda quickly and effectively
  • Self-service is made available, with the opportunity to substantially reduce operational costs
  • Personalised content provided to ensure that customers are able to easily find what they need
  • Engages the property management team with their customers and the wider community
  • Helps build the Landlord brand

Interesting fact

Over 70% of customers prefer to use a company’s website to get answers to their questions rather than use phone or email. (Forrester)

The residential portal allows management organisations to modernise and at the same time to substantially lower their costs.

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