Landlord Portal

A portal that allows the landlord to see information and communicate with the managing agent

The functionality of this portal is growing and will bring automated alerts, integration into the maintenance workflows, detailed financial analysis and much more both for the landlord with one property and those with large portfolios.

  • News
  • Maintenance information
  • Financial details on portfolio
  • Rent management information
  • Documents
  • Payment gateway


  • Allows a landlord to see their information, real-time, at any time of day or night
  • Reduces costs by cutting number of enquiries from landlords
  • Supports company growth by attracting more landlords
  • Established for landlords with single properties or large portfolios.

93% of private landlords rent out one property

Private landlords account for 81% of all rented properties. (Countrywide)

For a managing agent, making sure that they deliver a good service to their landlords whilst at the same time reducing their administration costs is the answer to making money in a very competitive area.

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