Concierge Portal

Provides your Concierge with a communications tool to look after your customers and provide them with the service they demand

The concierge portal looks after the administrative areas around parcels, keys, maintenance and bookings.

  • Booking system for any asset that is to be charged for including ticketed events
  • Book-in, book-out key management system
  • Comprehensive parcel management system
  • Maintenance requests on behalf of customers


  • Provides the concierge with a system to manage the customer relationship and provide a premium service to your customers
  • Reduces administration time substantially with simple to use systems
  • Integrates with the Engage resident portal for customer alerts and communications

Based on current trends, by 2021, 3.9 billion parcels will be delivered each year. That’s equivalent to 3 parcels every week for every home in the UK.

“Innovation goes way beyond technology,” says Anandh Owen of Delancey. “Engage has introduced innovative ways of working that have helped improve processes, drive efficiencies and, impressively, improve our commercial offering.”

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