Allocations Portal

A portal that simplifies, automates and puts online the allocation process

By allowing the customisation of forms and with inbuilt intelligence, the time taken for the allocations process can be substantially reduced. The need to complete applications in a face to face meeting is restricted to only those who need help.

  • Customisable forms for completion by applicant
  • Intelligence and form checking built in
  • Referencing through 3rd party integrations
  • Holds documents for viewing
  • E-signatures (Integrates with e-signature companies)
  • Other steps/functionality can be configured as needed


  • Reduces the need for staff to manage the process
  • The need for face to face meetings is reduced
  • There is now an expectation for this to be online
  • Speeds up the allocations process and reduces the void periods
  • Same system can be used for lettings

Interesting fact

There were 375,000 new social housing lets made in 2016

There is a complexity around the allocations process which lends itself to the use of smart forms that guide people through the process and validates their answers against set criteria. The potential for saving substantial staff time is clear.

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