Can You Afford to Not Make the Customer Experience Even Better?

Huw George
Huw George

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For most modern businesses, the concept of ‘customer experience’ is of paramount importance. In fact, according to research compiled by, it is estimated that the customer experience will overtake both product and price as the single most important brand differentiator by 2020, while as many as 50 percent of organisations are expected to re-direct their investments this year, in order to prioritise customer experience innovations.

With such an emphasis on the way customers or visitors feel, businesses and commercial real estate investors need to give careful consideration to first impressions. Within office buildings, such impressions are usually generated in the reception area, which is why a growing number of organisations are investing in a PropTech reception system. In this blog post, we examine the ways PropTech can serve to improve the customer experience.

First Impressions Count

Whether you are a business looking to appeal to visitors, or a commercial real estate investor looking to appeal to those seeking a co-working space, first impressions are crucial. According to 2018 research carried out by Proxyclick, as many as 40 percent of people say that their perception of a brand has been adversely impacted by the experience they have encountered in either the corporate lobby, or the reception area of an office.

Common examples of difficulties or annoyances that are encountered in office receptions include slow or complicated check-in processes, where visitors are expected to queue, fill out forms, and answer questions. Aside from being a source of frustration, cumbersome or poorly designed procedures can give a negative impression of brand on a broader scale. The problem here, of course, is that first impressions can be extremely difficult to change.

In the digital age, automation and self-service are king, and an integrated reception system can be an ideal solution.

The Value of Efficiency

One of the major reasons why a PropTech solution, such as a reception system, can be so valuable is because it can make small but crucial improvements to the visitor experience. In most cases, these improvements are linked with efficiency. After all, visitors want to be able to check-in effortlessly, co-workers want to be able to access a workspace with minimal disruption, and all parties want to be able to find information when they need it.

As Kacper Troć points out in an article for PropTech Zone, the main obstacle for office buildings looking to deliver speedy check-ins is preventing unwanted personnel from gaining access to the facility. PropTech is one of the single most effective ways to deliver in this area, because access can be controlled and regulated digitally. This means that authorised personnel can check-in seamlessly, while unauthorised personnel will be stopped.

Furthermore, an integrated reception system can completely remove the need for manual sign ins. Not only can this mean much faster processes, it also has significant security benefits too. Generally, manual sign in books mean that anybody entering the building can easily gain access to information about who is currently in the building, whereas PropTech solutions can protect the privacy of all visitors, workers and contractors.

Engage Property Technology

The ideal technology solution for improving the customer experience needs to cater for the needs of office workers, visitors and front of house staff, and this is where the Office Portal from Engage Property Technology comes in. This is a comprehensive software solution, which offers a combination of visitor management, room booking systems and parcel management, along with a variety of self-service and communication options.

Self check-in options can result in significant efficiency gains related to visitor registration, while everything from meeting room booking processes, through to car park management, can be enhanced. As a result, the overall customer experience can be dramatically improved, making an office far more appealing and attractive.

For commercial landlords or property managers, this has several potential knock-on effects. Improved desirability for a co-working office, for example, may mean a greater number of bookings and increased revenue generation. Similarly, the heightened demand may also mean higher rental fees can be charged, raising the value of the property itself. Furthermore, the greater emphasis on self-service can reduce staffing and management costs.

The Last Word

With customer experience overtaking pricing, products and services as the most important competitive differentiator, PropTech solutions that enhance first impressions within reception areas can be invaluable, regardless of whether you are a business trying to appeal to customers, or a landlord trying to impress tenants. Rather than considering whether you can afford to invest, it may be best to consider whether you can afford not to.

If you would like to find out more about Engage’s PropTech solutions, download our brochures.

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