How To Engage With Your Commercial Tenants

Alison Batty
Alison Batty

To achieve the most from letting commercial properties, most owners are aware of the need to engage effectively with prospective and new tenants. However, faced with busy day-to-day routines, what are the best ways to achieve a beneficial level of engagement? Here, we consider some useful guidelines for commercial landlords to develop productive relationships with their leaseholders.

Getting Engagement Right From the Start is Key

Managed correctly, clients’ perceptions and experience can give a commercial rental property a lead over others. By following the straightforward strategies below, you could benefit from a competitive advantage.

Firstly, it is crucial to be aware of the priorities that renters have. Start with an appreciation of current market rates, while seeking a clear picture of who wants what. Next, equally importantly, invest in some small improvements to the property, as outlined below. All being well, these ideas should set your offer apart from the competition and, therefore, result in considerable long-term returns.

Improving a Commercial Property

When renting to corporate clients, it pays to use the space to include shared amenities. Conference rooms, training areas and exercise facilities in basements are just some examples. On-site crèches are popular when a proportion of employees have young children, while a staff dining room or restaurant with outside catering suppliers will mean your clients can focus on core business. In contrast, technically focussed employees might place particular value on fast Wi-Fi and lunchtime workouts in gym facilities, for instance, conceivably more than on-site parking.

When making the site business-friendly, energy efficiency means business tenants will be comfortable at work. Often, relatively simple measures will help keep heating bills down while conserving natural resources. Similarly, high-speed fibre-optic data connections speed up everyday working and communication, delivering a productivity boost.

Offering Safety and Security

Security is essential for renters. It also means a location stays attractive and, therefore, keeps property rentals stable. Though security guards may not be necessary, good lighting and CCTV cameras will mean occupants feel safer, especially if workers arrive and leave during the hours of darkness.

Owners ought to also keep an eye on fluctuations in crime, car park thefts and other concerns that their tenants have. Proactive engagement improves and maintains relationships with clients – so, wherever possible, try to anticipate potential problems before they arise. Find out about preventive measures to keep the premises in their optimal condition, thereby allowing tenants’ business (and your rental income) to continue without interruptions.

Building Local Links

Clean, safe and relaxing environments with natural features such as plants and landscaping tend to attract the best rental customers. Additionally, local conservation efforts such as recycling, composting and a task group for the site will foster community involvement and achievements. These new connections, loyalties and links offer advantages for you as the owner, too.

Staff promotions and employee discounts add extra appeal for prospective and existing leaseholders. By making their lives easier, your rental location becomes more attractive while local business gets a boost, too. If possible, approach nearby gyms, coffee shops, dry cleaners, taxi companies and cycle specialists as well as phone suppliers and restaurants.

Satisfied tenants are a potential source of new business, so you might want to offer loyalty rewards or rent discounts for qualified referrals. An occasional mention of this mutually beneficial opportunity to introduce new contacts will let everyone know that the offer is still available. If you use commercial property software or an office portal, your main page could include a link to such incentives.

Maximising Return on Investment with Proptech

From the outset, be findable and ready to receive telephone enquiries – interested parties should be able to reach you with ease. Alternatively, if you decide to use an agent or broker, it is worth bearing in mind that potential tenants might prefer a local office. Signage, of course, needs to include the asking price and the area in square feet or square metres.

Periodic web-based or social media surveys are ideal for commercial landlords to obtain a reliable, first-hand indication of how the rental property is meeting the needs of corporate tenants. Open channels of communication such as this are preferable to infrequent missives about price increases. Moreover, with a state-of-the-art and reliable lettings portal, you will be well on the way to getting engagement with your commercial tenants right, from the very start of dealings with them.

Finally, here at Engage, we specialise in commercial property software, property technology (proptech) and proven systems that help property owners to maximise returns on their investment. If you would like further advice on commercial lettings, office portal solutions and customer relationship management, please contact our expert team of specialists here. We will be delighted to help.


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