The Aesthetics of PropTech

Huw George
Huw George

Always keep the end user experience in mind when it comes to PropTech

Property technology, or PropTech for short, is one of the most important emerging trends within the property industry, for various reasons. For instance, many landlords, letting agencies and commercial real estate companies are especially keen to capitalise on technology’s potential to speed up and simplify their everyday processes.

The technology can also improve the customer experience, especially through the use of a client portal. However, it is important that any technology solution aimed at customers is carefully engineered with end users in mind. In this article, we take a look at the aesthetics of PropTech and the importance of high-quality design.

First Impressions

PropTech may be growing in popularity, but it remains a relatively new phenomenon and there is still some resistance, as it it not the way things have traditionally been done in the property industry. For this reason, some customers and staff members may require some convincing to actually make use of a new software portal.


As Steve Fisher points out in an article for Estate Agent Today, while people may believe they make entirely logical decisions about which products to use, visual appeal actually plays a huge role. The aesthetics have a psychological effect on users, meaning they are more likely to use products that look attractive.

In particular, it is crucial that a property management portal makes a strong first impression on its users. After all, studies show that users typically form their first impressions in a matter of milliseconds, and when it comes to on-screen software and technology, 94 percent of first impressions are the result of design-related factors.

Additionally, scientific research supports the commonly-held view that first impressions count for a lot and are very difficult to change. This highlights the importance of PropTech having a positive effect straight away.

It is for this reason that the property management portal and client portal products on offer from Engage have been carefully designed to generate an immediate positive response. They benefit from a clean user interface and smart design, while all of the information is presented in a visually appealing way, with the end user in mind.

Customer Experience

Of course, visual appeal counts for a lot when it comes to first impressions, but customers and clients are still not willingly going to make use of PropTech for the long-term unless it actually improves the customer experience. Therefore, it is important that PropTech solutions are designed to make life easier and to solve problems.

Indeed, the customer experience is becoming more important in general, with research suggesting a large number of customers are even willing to spend more if it guarantees them a superior customer experience. Its importance has also been instrumental in the rise of tech solutions in other industries, like Uber, JustEat and Airbnb.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the property industry is realising it needs to shift its focus towards a customer-centric model,” explains James Morris-Manuel, writing for Property Week. “This is because customers are demanding better service – instant valuation, real-time analytics and virtual or online tours.”

It is crucial to understand, however, that is there is a visual component to the customer experience too. Users want to be able to see information presented in a pleasant way, images and charts can also be useful for allowing them to interpret data easily, and the layout of a software application can greatly enhance its user-friendliness.

For those involved in the property industry, who are trying to maximise the effectiveness of PropTech, it is vital that solutions are designed to appeal to users on a deeper level, rather than purely on a superficial basis.

The Final Word

PropTech is taking the property industry by storm at present, but those involved in the industry need to take care when implementing it and ensure that they have the end user in mind with their choices. In particular, it is important not to under-estimate the visual component of the user experience, as it can significantly influence adoption.

Ultimately, first impressions count for a lot, which is why the property management portal products from Engage have been designed to offer aesthetic appeal, as well as pure function. It is also essential that PropTech solutions use visually appealing ways to present information, so that users benefit from design choices in the long-term.


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