Selling B 2 B when your end user is C

Alison Batty
Alison Batty

When pitching Engage, we are usually presenting to key decision makers in a boardroom in a typical business to business format.  Our proposals and justification focuses on deliverables to suit the business or organisation (as it should – they are, after all, placing the order!).  However, it is our client’s customer, not the business, who will be using Engage.

So, we’re really a B to C via B business! 

We need to make our product and website attractive to the enterprise whilst making sure it feels personal and lifestyle oriented to the user.  Easy!

It’s a challenge making sure there isn’t a disconnect with the portal focusing primarily on the business benefits and we want to avoid forgetting to engage the consumer to encourage them to use it.

We have found that ensuring that the design team maintain a focus on the end user is vital.  They should have experience delivering products and sites for end users as well as business apps, so they understand the broader picture.  They are responsible for ensuring that user journeys and the whole experience meets with the needs of ordinary members of the public and must not just focus on the business but cannot ignore the business side.

Too much focus on the end user can give you a system that works perfect for your customers but causes havoc and inefficiency with your operations supporting the services to them.

We do this by:

  • Research: Our design and planning team are constantly using and working with well known and widely used applications, so we place ourselves in the mind of the end user
  • User testing: We run focus groups at different milestone points of the project, to really test use and see where any confusions and blockers
  • Continuous streamlining: Our work is never done, and nothing is ever perfect. We continue to refine and test regularly so we are sure our end users get the best possible experience.

Clear scoping and mapping of user journeys and experience from all angles is key – get a 360 degree view considering all users and you are on the right road to success.    We see the ultimate journeys through as a loop not a line – closing that loop keeps your customers coming back, supports the business and connects the Bs and the C.

Alison Batty

Consultancy Manager

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